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101 Things To Do While I’m Still Alive

 Life is so much more fun when there is a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve heard so many stories of retired people dying young because they didn’t have anything good to do. I plan on living a long exciting, and limitless life so I have come up with enough things on this list that it would take me a lifetime to achieve them all.

Everything on this list is something I REALLY want to do — so it really does give me a reason to live a long time. Some people call this a bucket list but I like to call it a “Living” list. I’d much rather focus on living that “kicking the bucket”, how about YOU? Anyways, hopefully, this inspires you to make your own list.

“Live long and prosper” – Spock

Here’s my list:

I. Family Matters
1 Get married to a great woman and have a great relationship with her
2 Raise 2 or more children and have great relationships with them
3 Meet my grandchildren in-person
4 Meet my great-grandchildren in-person
5 Make sure my parents are taken care of
6 Make sure Mandy’s parents are taken care of
7 Store a 1 year food supply at home
8 Be prepared for a local natural disaster
9 Celebrate 25th Wedding anniversary in style & luxury
10 Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary in style & luxury
11 Set up a trust fund for all 3 boys
12 Make sure Mandy and boys are financially secure
II. Business/Financial
13 Start and grow a business to $500,000 in sales
14 Start and grow a business to $1 million in sales
15 Start and grow a business to $5 million
16 Start and grow a business to $10 million
17 Start and grow a business to $25 million
18 Start and grow a business to $50 million
19 Start and grow a business to $100 million
20 Work in a business that helps people live happier lives
21 Help 10 people create million dollar businesses
22 Help 10 people help 10 people create ‘million dollar businesses
23 Create an international life coaching company
24 Receive a business achievement award in front of peers
25 Be featured on a TV infomercial
III. Writing/Speaking
26 Be invited as keynote speaker for large conference
27 Write a best-selling parenting book
28 Write a book and sell at least 1000 copies
29 Get a book published in bookstores
30 Have my book become a national bestseller
31 Get interviewed on TV
32 Become an international public speaker
33 Speak to an audience over 1000 people
34 Speak to an audience over 3000 people
35 Get interviewed on a national news program
36 Get interviewed on a national talk show
IV. Travel
37 Travel to Australia
38 Travel to United kingdom
39 Travel to Mexico
40 Travel to Dominican Republic
41 Travel to Greece
42 Travel to Singapore
43 Travel to Malaysia
44 Travel to China
45 Travel to Japan
46 Travel to Thailand
47 Travel to Costa Rica
48 Go on an Alaskan cruise
49 Go on a Caribbean cruise
50 Take kids to Disneyland
51 Go to Hawaii For 10th wedding anniversary
52 Get re-married to Mandy on a beach
53 Drive dune buggies in Oregon
V. Charity
54 Volunteer for a great charity for at least 2 years
55 Donate/raise more than $10,000 for charities that benefit children
56 Donate/raise more than $100,000 for charities that benefit children
57 Donate/raise more than $500,000 for charities that benefit children
58 Donate/raise more than $1 million for charities that benefit children
59 Start a charitable foundation in our family’s name
60 Create an ongoing community service project
VI. Sports
61 Get a hole-in-one
62 Win a golf tournament
63 Learn how to ice skate and play hockey
64 Become captain of my hockey team
65 Win championship as captain of hockey team
66 Learn how to curl
67 Win a curling tournament
68 Coach sports team for Lynden
69 Coach sports team for Brayden
70 Coach sports team for Ashton
71 Go to a Stanley Cup final game
72 Play hockey at Roger’s Arena
73 Go to 10 or more Canucks games per year
74 Buy season’s tickets to the Canucks
75 Watch a Canuck’s game from a private box
VII. Posessions
76 Own our family home, paid in full
77 Own a residential rental property
78 Own a commerical office building
79 Buy a 25ft+ travel trailer for our family camping trips
80 Buy a luxury RV and travel North America
81 Buy a cabin in the mountains
82 Buy a property in the United States
83 Own a vacation property in a warm climate
VIII. Personal
84 Meet Robert Kiyosaki
85 Meet T. Harv Eker
86 Meet Mark Victor Hansen
87 Meet Donald Trump
88 Meet Sir Richard Branson
89 Learn to play guitar
90 Write & record an original song
91 Get picture taken with Stanley Cup
92 Drive a monster truck over a car
93 Sing a song in front of 100 people or more
94 Win an award for achievements in life coaching
95 Be On Vacation for 30 days or more per year
96 Go on a 48 hr meditation retreat every year
97 Learn to fly an airplane
98 Get 25,000 fans to join my Facebook page
99 Get 100,000 fans to join my Facebook page
100 Get featured on TV cooking show
101 Get featured in a business or success magazine

If you are someone who could help me to achieve these goals, then I want to hear from you. Post your comments below.

Also, if you could use MY HELP with any of your goals, let me know what you need help with below …

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