Learn the simple 7-step No-Selling Method that I use to consistently sign up new clients.

7 Steps To Coaching Without Selling

How do you FEEL about “selling “your services as a coach?

One of the biggest concerns coaches have is how to not come across sounding like a “sleazy salesperson”. You likely don’t want to have to persuade your clients to sign a contract or do any hard selling.

Think about it. What is your favorite thing about being a coach … is it selling or is it coaching?

Most coaches, given the choice, would prefer to not have to sell at all. Coaches love coaching but hate selling. Give them a lineup of clients and they will gladly coach all day long. They love to serve their clients but, when it comes to selling, there can be a mental block that gets in their way and stops them.

I often hear coaches say things like, “I am not good at sales,” and, “I don’t want to be a salesperson,” “I want to have integrity”.The good news is that you CAN have both.

You can become very good at selling high ticket programs and even increasing your fees over time. You don’t have to sell your soul and you don’t have to resort to manipulative tactics of selling to clients. Here are 7 Steps to signing up High Ticket Coaching clients.


7 Steps to Signing up High Ticket Coaching Clients
(Without ANY Selling)

We have used these 7 steps successfully, time after time, to launch multiple new coaching programs for our clients. They are used in a variety of life coaching and business coaching niches and are achieving great results.

As you may agree, we are onto something BIG here. These steps require no sales techniques and no selling on your coaching calls.

Step # 1 – Stop Selling

Nearly 5 years ago, I made one of the riskiest but most rewarding decisions I have ever made as a coach … I stopped selling.  This goes against everything coaches are taught about how to build a coaching business when they get their certification.

But, if you stop selling, how are you going to sign up new clients?

So I started with this weird little sign-up test. What happened next was nothing short of amazing …


(I explain exactly how I did this in my free online workshop.)

First, I replaced my sales presentations with simply serving my clients with amazing service. When you serve your clients, you are selling yourself. You are selling yourself as somebody who is helpful and there to look after their best interest and to help them achieve the results they hired you for.

Focus entirely on being a person who is deeply concerned about their well-being.

So when you stop selling and focus on service, you allow that relationship and a connection to be made. That is a key in getting new clients into your high ticket coaching programs, and increasing your fees.

Over time, you will be able to increase the level of service, increase your fees and increase your confidence as a coach. You never have to resort to manipulative sales tactics to bring on new clients.

These next steps will really help make it possible to keep your high-ticket coaching program full of clients without ever selling. It’s not enough on its own to just to stop selling as there are a few other things you will need to do as well.

Step # 2 – Define Your Niche.

One of the worst things you can do as a coach is to try to serve everyone.

When you are serving everyone, you are really serving no one. What do I mean by that? It means that it’s not specific enough to attract clients who are willing to make an investment in themselves, into a particular result and into a coach like you.

coachNarrowing your focus down to a particular niche and specializing in one type of person with a specific need or problem, makes easier to attract that client to your business. By solving a certain type of problem for a certain type of person, it’s that person who’s most likely to become a client. That person is the right client for you and will most likely be the candidate to sign up for your coaching services.

Start by taking a look at the list of all the things you say you can help people do. Choose the single best result that you are most capable of helping clients achieve. For example, if you are going to be a health and fitness coach, then be a health and fitness coach or a weight loss coach. You can’t also be a save your marriage coach, a child behavior coach or a social media coach.

Specialize in one key area. Your clients want to achieve a certain result in a certain area of their life. They don’t need you to be good at everything. What they need, is for you to be good at helping them get results with the one thing that they really want to achieve.

Finding your niche allows you the opportunity to laser focus your marketing on that one client. Systematically, you’re avoiding everyone who is not likely to become a coaching client. It saves time! You make more money and ultimately you are going to be happier in your coaching practice.

Step # 3 – Increase Your Coaching Fees.

Increasing your coaching fees might be the exact opposite of your instinct. Some coaches think that lowering their fees, will lead them to more clients. In some cases that may be true but you are going to end up with too many clients, for too little money. If you lower your rate, you may get more clients but less time to spend with them. You’ll also run out of available time before you earn enough money to sustain yourself every month.


Take a good look at your program and really know the value of the results that you create for your clients. You’ve got to know the true value of your system and to believe in the benefits that your clients will receive when they achieve their desired result.

Once you believe in that value, you can put a fair price on it. It’s a price that will be paid by a certain number of clients every month. That fee that is going to provide you with the lifestyle you want. While giving you the freedom that you desire. It’s also going to give you enough time to properly serve these clients—to be there for them and to help them get the results they hired you for.

By increasing your coaching fees, not only will it help you increase your income, but ultimately you are going to be happier. You’re not going to be overworked. You are going to work with clients who value you and your system and who are willing to make that investment. After all, those are the most fun clients to work with.

Step # 4 – Develop An “Irresistible” Free Consultation

One of the worst things you can do is call it a ‘Free Coaching Session” or a “Free Consultation”. It’s over used by coaches and under valued by potential clients. Having a free consultation or coaching session is a good thing to do but you need to give it a name that will attract your ideal client.

For example, I have the “Double Your Coaching Income in 90 Days” consultation call. On that call, you go through a process where I take a look at your coaching business, determine some ways that I can help you double your practice, and then present you with a plan.

Calling it a “free consultation” or a “free coaching session” really doesn’t communicate the value compared to the “Double Your Income in 90 Days Coaching Session”. Think about it … which of these grabs your attention the most?

In my Blissful Parenting program, we have two different names for our consultation calls that both work equally well. Instead of a “Free Consultation”, we call it a “Behavior Transformation Consultation”. Sometimes we also call it the “Demons to Angels Consultation Call”. When people read that name, it speaks to them as to the potential results that they could achieve by signing up for that call.


By naming the call correctly, it creates excitement and enthusiasm to sign up for the call. Ultimately creating a desire for your coaching services. It makes them want to schedule that call and they are more likely to show up to speak with you.

Give your free consultation a powerful name so you can stop calling it a “Free Consultation call” or a “Free Coaching Session”. Give it a powerful name that your ideal client can connect with and get excited about. Ultimately, this will make your job of bringing new high ticket coaching clients much easier.

Step # 5 – Write a Crystal-Clear Proposal Letter.

This is a key step when you want to remove selling from your free coaching sessions and consultation calls. This letter is a vital component of a three-part sign up process that you can use in your coaching practice sign up clients without selling. In fact, getting this letter right is so important that I’ve dedicated an entire 90-minute training session for my clients so that they can learn to write their own. I also show an example of it in my free online workshop.

It begins with a free consultation and at the end of that consultation, you simply invite the person that you’re speaking with to join you on another call.

You would say something like …

“I really enjoyed our call, I would like to speak with you again next week. I am going to do some homework and work on a custom game plan for you. Then on our next call, we can go through it. How does that sound?”

Be sure to schedule the 2nd call before hanging up during the initial consultation. Then, in between the first call and the second call, you send them the three-page proposal letter. This is a highly fine-tuned proposal letter template. It has been an extremely valuable tool in my business over the last 5 years. In my coaching program, I work with you to write your own letter based on mine as a fill-in-the-blanks template. If you use it, you will sign up clients. Period.

By the time you get to that second call, your potential client already knows the details of your program. They already know how it’s going to work as well as how the pricing works and they are very interested to hear some of the custom plans you have for them. They know the strategy that you have planned for them and how it’s all going to fit together. When they show up for the second call, there is a very good chance that they are going to sign up.

Before using this letter, I would only sign up 3 clients out of every 10 consultation calls. By using this template, I am now signing up 8 out of 10 clients from these consultation calls. It makes a huge difference. This letter has easily added an extra $156,000 to my practice just in the last year!

When you adopt this 3-part process: free consultation call, followed by a proposal letter, followed by a follow-up consultation call, you will definitely sign up more clients. This becomes a sign-up process that you can run repeatedly.

When you have this very powerful consultation call, coupled with a very well thought out proposal letter, you now have a process that makes it very easy to sign up new clients. What you need now is to create a nonstop flow of new potential clients to work with.

Step # 6 – Connect To a Nonstop Lead Source.

Attending networking meetings, renting email lists, or even running expensive ads is the slow way of getting clients. The problem with networking meetings to try to find new clients is that everyone in a networking meeting is there for the same purpose, they are also trying to get new clients. Why does this happen?

When a connection is made at a networking event, you have 2 people speaking. One person is telling the other about their business and vice versa. They are really just trying to sell each other. Even if you were to go for coffee the following week or schedule a follow-up meeting, you want to sign them up for your program. But really they have no intention of ever signing up for your program. Instead, they try to turn the conversation so that they can sell you their service. It doesn’t get either of you any further ahead.

Does that mean network meetings are not a valuable source of clients? Not at all! In fact, they are one of the most valuable sources of new clients. You just have to do it differently.

Next time you connect at a networking event, instead of trying to connect with attendees as potential clients, connect with the organizer of that group. An organizer has the influence over the entire membership of that networking meeting.


With just a single connection, you could reach hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential new clients. So connect with the organizer who has influence over the entire group to recommend your free consultation to the group. The organizer may also invite you to come in as a guest speaker for the next event.

So look for people who can put you in front of many members of your target audience at once. Then, really nurture those partnerships. Nurture those relationships to create a nonstop lead source for your coaching business.

Step # 7 – Serve Without Selling

This is the final step and it is to continue to serve without selling. When you put all these other steps in place, it becomes so much easier. When you have a great consultation call, a great proposal letter and a great sign up process, it is so much easier to have confidence in yourself as a coach. You can go out there to make the connections and develop your nonstop lead source.

It is possible to focus 100% of your efforts on serving and really connecting with your potential clients. You will discover their most desired result and you will call that “Point B”. This point is where they want to go. Then create a conversation about where they are at right now and you will call that as “Point A”. That’s where they are starting from.

So they are starting from Point A and they would like to get to their goal which is Point B. Then, they’ll have a conversation about that part in the middle that is trying to stop them. The part where they don’t know how to. Or even the part that has been eluding them for some time. That part is just preventing them from taking action. That’s the part in the middle that needs to be resolved to get them from Point A to Point B. That is your plan!

Your coaching program should take them systematically from point A to point B and they will see that you are there to help them. You can help them see that path where they will make that investment.

Finally, discover how serious they are about achieving that result. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would they rate themselves? How serious are they in achieving that result? If they rate themselves anywhere more than 7 out of 10 or higher, you know you have a serious candidate. If they rate themselves lower than that, you would be surprised if they even pick up the phone.

Signing people up for your high-ticket coaching services doesn’t have to be hard. You also do not have to sell your soul to do it, If you focusing on serving, not selling. You know what your ideal client wants and you know how you can help them. By putting all of these steps into place and simply serving without selling, you don’t have to use to any sort of manipulative sales techniques that you are not going to feel good about.

The result is that your coaching practice will give you confidence as a coach. It will give you the confidence to charge higher fees, to create better programs and to really focus on serving your clients. After all, isn’t that what coaching is all about?

How To Use The 7-Step No-Selling Method To Consistently Sign Up High-Dollar Coaching Clients Without Using High Pressure Sales Tactics.

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