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A Lesson In Urgency & Humility

In the past 24 hours, life teaches me once again the importance of practicing urgency rather than procrastination as well as humility rather than letting my ego make it all about me.

Last night I gave a seminar that I had been ”thinking” about for the past 4 years, It was literally an obsession that consumed my thoughts for so long that it quite possibly held me back from Other inspired thoughts.

As a writer and speaker, I rely on inspiration to provide me with powerful words that benefit my fellow humans.

Even though I did not get the attendance I wanted (or imagined a thousand times), I am humbled by the 4 wonderful people that have my back and made it a very enjoyable evening.

This morning I was overcome with new inspiration that I know I would not have been aware of if I had not followed through last night.

If I had acted on this 4 years ago, instead of procrastinating, would I have realized this inspiration sooner? Only god knows.

I vow to continue serving mankind with urgency and humility.

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