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Have You Done *These* 5 Things Today?

productiveIf you have ever felt like there is never enough hours in the day to complete everything on your task list, then you’ll either love or hate this post.

Productivity can be a huge issue for most of us and the feeling of leaving things incomplete is one that keeps many people awake at night.

I have experienced many sleepless nights worrying about all the work I didn’t do.

But, what about all of the work that I DID do?

Isn’t it funny how we can have a really productive day and complete 99 things out of 100, but it is that ONE thing that we didn’t do that we tend to focus our attention on?

If you believe that it is important to FEEL SUCCESSFUL, then it makes sense to shift your thinking towards all the great things that you accomplish each day and reward yourself for it.

Recently, I’ve discovered that 95% of the work that I do does not really get me any closer to reaching my goals.  It’s really just a bunch of busy work when I really have a close look at it.

So, I’ve made a personal choice to cut those things out and focus on only the most productive tasks.

I now begin each day by writing down my top 5 things that I absolutely must complete that day.

Then, at the end of my day, I can look back, see all 5 things checked off, and go to bed feeling like a productive success.

It’s amazing how simple life becomes by eliminating all of the time wasting filler activities and only focus on the 5 things that are most important to my goals.

Let’s get productive. What 5 things are you going to accomplish today?

Leave a comment below and tell me what they are.

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