Unstoppable Coaching Lead Funnel

Do you find it difficult to create a continuous flow of new clients for your coaching business? I’m guessing you are a really well-trained life coach or holistic practitioner who has some wonderful gifts. You transform your client’s lives but need an unstoppable coaching lead funnel so you have more clients to work with. You have these gifts but where are the clients?

Where is this continuous flow of new clients that your business needs? Continue reading

7 Steps To Coaching Without Selling

How do you FEEL about “selling “your services as a coach?

One of the biggest concerns coaches have is how to not come across sounding like a “sleazy salesperson”. You likely don’t want to have to persuade your clients to sign a contract or do any hard selling.

Think about it. What is your favorite thing about being a coach … is it selling or is it coaching?

Most coaches, given the choice, would prefer to not have to sell at all. Coaches love coaching but hate selling. Give them a lineup of clients and they will gladly coach all day long. They love to serve their clients but, when it comes to selling, there can be a mental block that gets in their way and stops them. Continue reading

Learn the simple 7-step No-Selling Method that I use to consistently sign up new clients.

How To Get Companies To Send You Clients

Who wants to be able to receive coaching leads and consult requests on a regular basis without having to work really hard? If you fall into that category then you are going to love this idea. Get connected with your ideal client through collaborations with other companies they are already buying products from. This system will bring a solution to the problem of hit and miss when it comes to getting clients on a regular basis. It has been key to my ability in creating multiple six-figure coaching offers in the last 5-6 years.coaching leads Continue reading

How To Sign Up 4x More Clients With This Simple Test

Three years ago I conducted a weird sign-up test, how to sign up clients in my coaching business and the results really shocked me. The results were not what I was expecting whatsoever and that’s the reason I call it how to sign up clients, a “weird sign-up test”.

So what was so weird about my sign up test? For the longest time I was doing what coaches do, I was signing clients up in the traditional way, the way that people are taught when they go through coaching certification programs or techniques they learned in sales training. Those courses usually recommend the practice of signing up a new client by offering a free coaching session.

I conducted a “weird” sign up test and here are the results……

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Why I almost quit coaching & the 1 thing that saved me …

Did you know that I almost quit coaching in my first year?

Not earning enough money from my coaching almost put me out of business several times in my first year as a coach. Even after that, it was a constant struggle to get new clients consistently and earn a full time living from coaching.

I’ve recorded this short personal message that explains what happened and how I’ve turned things around to create multiple 6-figure coaching businesses. Continue reading

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