7 Steps To Coaching Without Selling

How do you FEEL about “selling “your services as a coach?

One of the biggest concerns coaches have is how to not come across sounding like a “sleazy salesperson”. You likely don’t want to have to persuade your clients to sign a contract or do any hard selling.

Think about it. What is your favorite thing about being a coach … is it selling or is it coaching?

Most coaches, given the choice, would prefer to not have to sell at all. Coaches love coaching but hate selling. Give them a lineup of clients and they will gladly coach all day long. They love to serve their clients but, when it comes to selling, there can be a mental block that gets in their way and stops them. Continue reading

Learn the simple 7-step No-Selling Method that I use to consistently sign up new clients.

Strategies For Building A Successful Coaching Business

048-Chuck-Anderson-300x300It was a great honor to be interviewed by Tyler Basu on the subject of building a successful coaching business. I met Tyler at a networking event earlier this year have been a BIG fan of his Chatting With Champions podcast ever since.

This interview is packed with great information that you can start using right away.


Click below to listen:

Check this and all of Tyler’s other podcasts here:


Free Training – Fill Your Coaching Business With EASE!


This week I have been working on my presentation for the YVR Bloggers Meetup on May 15, I have been invited to be the keynote speaker on the subject of “How to monetize your blog using other people’s products”.

As I go through the seemingly never-ending process of writing & re-writing & editing my presentation, it has brought to mind a flood of memories on everything I’ve ever learned about what it takes to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Continue reading

SEO Panel Discussion on Google Hangouts

A big thank you to Ricky Shetty at YVR Bloggers for hosting the Google+ Hangout last night as a preview to our panel discussion on SEO (search engine optimization).  I’m very much looking forward to attending the live event on Wednesday as a panelist.