Law of Attraction Without Action Is A Distraction!

If you spend any time at all engaged in personal development or self-help, the you will have heard of the “law of attraction”.

The basic premise of law of attraction is that whatever you think most about will be “attracted” to you or become real in your life.

If you think about bad things happening, then more bad things will happen and if you think about positive things then you will attract more positive things to you, INSTANTLY!

While this concept is completely true (this is testable if you don’t believe me), there is 1 key ingredient to this success formula that gets overlooked my most people that study law of attraction.

That ingredient is … ACTION!

You can attract things to you all day long, but if you take no action to receive it, nothing changes.

That’s why practicing law of attraction without action is just a distraction.

Next time you desire something to come true in your life, absolutely begin to visualize and attract it to you, BUT then follow it up with actions that help to make it become real.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the results will come.

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A Lesson In Urgency & Humility

In the past 24 hours, life teaches me once again the importance of practicing urgency rather than procrastination as well as humility rather than letting my ego make it all about me.

Last night I gave a seminar that I had been ”thinking” about for the past 4 years, It was literally an obsession that consumed my thoughts for so long that it quite possibly held me back from Other inspired thoughts.

As a writer and speaker, I rely on inspiration to provide me with powerful words that benefit my fellow humans.

Even though I did not get the attendance I wanted (or imagined a thousand times), I am humbled by the 4 wonderful people that have my back and made it a very enjoyable evening.

This morning I was overcome with new inspiration that I know I would not have been aware of if I had not followed through last night.

If I had acted on this 4 years ago, instead of procrastinating, would I have realized this inspiration sooner? Only god knows.

I vow to continue serving mankind with urgency and humility.

Goals versus Habits

I’ve been having a lot of discussions about goal setting lately.

Last night while giving a presentation for You Seminars about the next Cornerstone Class, some thoughts came to me that really seemed to make sense.

You see, there is a huge difference between achieving a goal by any means possible as compared to achieving it by creating supportive habits.

Too many times I`ve seen numerous people achieve great things in a very short period of time using any means possible only to undo that goal almost as quickly as they achieved it.

Imagine if your goal was to lose 20 lbs and you achieved it by eating nothing but cabbage soup for several weeks. What do you think would happen when you stop eating cabbage soup? Almost certainly the weight comes back nearly as quickly as it came off.

Would developing the habit of exercising for 20 minutes, 3 times per week, work better than a fad diet?

Instead of any means possible, think of the single habit that would best support the result that you want and focus on implementing that into your daily or weekly routine.

The results will then become automatic.

Have yourself a limitless day!




Free Coffee At Starbucks

This morning I lined up for coffee at Starbuck’s just like I do every morning after dropping my kids off at school.

When I got to the cash register and was about to pay, a young man in his early teens approached and asked me if he could buy my coffee today.

With a smile on my face I said ”Thank You”, and asked him what inspired him to do this.

He explained that he and his classmates were there to experience what it feels like to perform random acts of kindness.

I am so proud of the world today to see such a caring group of young people out sharing love and kindness on such a rainy Vancouver morning.

With this 1 simple act of kindness, both of our lives were affected in a positive way.

It instantly reminded me of how good I felt in the past after performing a random act of kindness.

The feeling of happiness and the smile on my face will last the entire day and no doubt will have a positive effect on the people that I come into contact with today.

How awesome would you feel if you were to surprise someone randomly with an act if kindness today?

Please share your stories in the comments below of a time where you performed or received a random act of kindness.  How did it feel?