What You Think & Say Will Determine The Outcome Of Your Day

 I was watching the news this morning when a commercial from Dr. Nedd came on. I haven’t been following him for very long but I can’t help noticing how outwardly happy he seems to be all the time.

His quote this morning really resonated with me.

“Unhappy people think unhappy thoughts while happy people think happy thoughts”.

He also mentioned a study where it was determined that happy people and unhappy people have approximately the same number of problems in their lives.


The difference is what they choose to focus on.

Which will you choose today?


101 Things To Do While I’m Still Alive

 Life is so much more fun when there is a good reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve heard so many stories of retired people dying young because they didn’t have anything good to do. I plan on living a long exciting, and limitless life so I have come up with enough things on this list that it would take me a lifetime to achieve them all.

Everything on this list is something I REALLY want to do — so it really does give me a reason to live a long time. Some people call this a bucket list but I like to call it a “Living” list. I’d much rather focus on living that “kicking the bucket”, how about YOU? Anyways, hopefully, this inspires you to make your own list.

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Learn the simple 7-step No-Selling Method that I use to consistently sign up new clients.

Have You Done *These* 5 Things Today?

productiveIf you have ever felt like there is never enough hours in the day to complete everything on your task list, then you’ll either love or hate this post.

Productivity can be a huge issue for most of us and the feeling of leaving things incomplete is one that keeps many people awake at night.

I have experienced many sleepless nights worrying about all the work I didn’t do.

But, what about all of the work that I DID do?

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Do You Fear Public Speaking?

speakingDo you have a public speaking opportunity coming up?

Maybe you have to give a presentation at work or possibly even master of ceremonies at your sister’s wedding.

Do you have a message that you wish that you could share with others?

There can be many different types of opportunities for public speaking . For a lot of people, this can be the worst fear you could possibly imagine.

The world is waiting for you to stand up and share yourself with it!

More people than ever before are learning to let go of their fears and other limitations to become great public speakers, authors, and also coaches.

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How Can I See That Everything Really Is Possible?

The concept of “Everything Is Possible” is one that took me a long time to grasp and really work into my life.

The main idea is that by removing roadblocks and limitations that even things that “seem impossible” can become possible.

Something that I teach in my online course, “8 Keys To Unlocking Your Limitless Life“, is having the positive approach to life’s challenges. With an attitude where you can automatically assume that things are possible, instead of instantly dismissing them as being impossible.

When you have this attitude, it actually makes the roadblocks or limitations easier to solve. This simple shift in view assumes there is no problem that cannot be solved.


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