Learn the simple 7-step No-Selling Method that I use to consistently sign up new clients.

Unstoppable Coaching Lead Funnel

Do you find it difficult to create a continuous flow of new clients for your coaching business? I’m guessing you are a really well-trained life coach or holistic practitioner who has some wonderful gifts. You transform your client’s lives but need an unstoppable coaching lead funnel so you have more clients to work with. You have these gifts but where are the clients?

Where is this continuous flow of new clients that your business needs?

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You need an unstoppable coaching lead funnel.

That was my struggle in the beginning as well. My goal since then has been to uncover that struggle and some solutions for that. Perhaps you have been working on attracting new clients to you using the law of attraction and journaling. Do you get clear on your vision but still wondering, “Where are the clients?”

What you’re going to discover here is that is only part of the equation. There are a few pieces that need to be put in place to allow people to easily connect with you, and choose you as their coach.

I’m going to show you how to have an unstoppable coaching lead funnel.

What you need in order to succeed is to create a continuous and unstoppable flow of new coaching clients to your business.That’s where you’ll have consistency. That’s where the joy of working with wonderful people and helping them to make wonderful transformations is going to come from. That’s also where your financial abundance is going to come from. It’s going to come from people who openly share their money and place very high value on your coaching services. That is what I’m going to help you to do.

I work with life coaches and holistic practitioners to sign up high-value clients consistently, all without using any high-pressure sales techniques, the typical sales or enrollment techniques that feel manipulative and they’re challenging your integrity instead we create an unstoppable coaching lead funnel.

I know, as a life coach and a holistic practitioner that you hold your high integrity in high regard as I do, and I’m going to show you here how you can do that without having to resort to some of these so-called enrollments or even high-pressure sales techniques.

In order to do that, you’re going to have to have a few things in place and I’m going to show you the entire roadmap right now. This is what I call the unstoppable coaching lead funnel and it’s got four major components. When you are looking to create that consistency in signing up clients, when you’re looking for the types of clients who are willing to pay you your true value and they have the ability to pay for your coaching services, then there’s something that we really need to have right at the beginning as the foundation and that is a “niche market.”

What is YOUR coaching niche?

coaching lead funnelWe define a niche market as being a specific solution to a specific problem and targeted at a specific audience. Now, why do we need this? Why isn’t it good enough to just say, “I’m a life coach?” Or, “I’m a practitioner,” or, “Here’s what I do.” Why isn’t it enough? If you were looking to hire somebody to help you to achieve your goals faster, would you rather hire someone who claims to be proficient at everything or would you want someone who specialties in that particular goal? I challenge you to go out and look on Google. Look up life coaches and look up some of the life coaching websites. You’re going to see this virtual shopping list of the different types of coaching they can do and that’s the problem they don’t have a Niche.

You will find they can help you with relationships, to get a better job. Also, they can help you to manage your company better, or turn your finances around. Perhaps they can even help you to save for the future while helping you discover your inner greatness. The list goes on and on. Some coaches, when you look at their website will list out a hundred different things they can coach you on.  Is that a coach who is really clear on what their gifts are?

While they are trying to spread this net as widely as they can to attract clients, that very act is actually repelling clients away from them. All of the laws of attraction in the world, all of the journaling in the world, all of the things that you do internally to attract clients is not going to bring them to you until you make this decision.

That decision is, what kind of coach are you?

Who do you help? Who do you serve? What kind of problems are you the best at solving? Let’s go and find that group of people who have that problem. Then let’s position your coaching as being a very specific solution to a very specific problem, for a very specific type of person. Now, you might not know what that is and that’s fine Just know that if you don’t do this one part, you are choosing to make it more difficult.

When first starting out I know it is hard to figure out, what is my niche? Maybe you need to even try a few on and that’s ok. What I can tell you at the foundation of an unstoppable flow of coaching clients is a niche market filled with people who have the need or the problem that your coaching services fulfill or solve. You need to be able to do that. If you don’t have that ability then you need to do something right away to figure out what that is. Once this is figured out, the rest of this is really very systematic and layered upon this.

The actual act of signing up clients is very systematic and it consists of 3 parts.

coaching lead funnelPart one being the free consultation which is not a free coaching session, but it’s more of a discovery session. It’s a session where you and your potential client will get to know one another. You want to discover as much as you can about their specific goals and their needs. What is it costing them every day, week or month that goes by where that goal or need is going unfulfilled? That’s what the free consultation is all about. It’s that discovery, that deep dive into your potential client’s situation and their deepest desires for their end result.

Once you know that you can do a really good job of part one, part two is what I call the “irresistible coaching offer.” It’s this piece right here that eliminates the need for doing any selling whatsoever during your consultation calls. You’re not going to have to use manipulative sales techniques. You’re not even going to have to have an enrollment conversation during the free consultation or any other call that you have with your client. This is all done in what I like to call the “follow up” call and that’s step number three.

Irresistible Coaching Offer

There’s this piece, there’s this irresistible coaching offer that you’re simply going to give to your clients which is going to echo back all of the things that you talked about during that free consultation and when you get really good at these three things, doing a deep dive free consultation, presenting an irresistible coaching offer after that session and then doing a really meaningful follow up call, this is all you’re going to have to do. It’s one, two, three. Book the calls, give the offer, and then follow up. Clients will sign up like clockwork and you’re not going to have to resort to the typical manipulative sales techniques.

We know we need to have a niche market at the foundation. We know that we’re going to get clients by way of free consultation. Where are these free consultations going to come from? Where’s this continuous flow? First of all, we need to position that free consultation in such a way where you’re not just talking to anyone. Instead, you’re talking to people who understand a little bit about what you do and the value that you can provide. The way we do that is with a webinar. If you would like to try one out, you can go to my website and you can watch my webinar and it’s a one-hour presentation that gives some very valuable information and at the end of it, invites people to schedule a free consultation. www.ChuckAndersonCoach.com/free-training

All coaches need a webinar, here’s why…

This is my number one tool for booking meaningful free consultations with people who want my help. While avoiding the typical time waster who is just looking for free stuff. This is a very, very well positioned one hour webinar. Now, don’t worry if you’ve never done a webinar before. I have lots of training, resources, and lots of templates that will help you to do that. There’s even an opportunity for us to do a webinar together if that makes it easier. Just know that this is a critical piece, a well-positioned webinar that guides people to a free consultation. Then, once that’s in place, you will be able to fill that webinar full of engaged people. In turn getting them through to the other end and booking their consultations. That’s where you want to employ multiple traffic sources.


You want to drive traffic to that webinar in multiple ways.

My top five are definitely things like Facebook ads, email marketing, public speaking, referrals from other businesses and referrals from happy clients. Then traffic from other social media such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook also just really effective content marketing. What you need to be doing is connecting with the lead sources that are going to send a continuous flow of interested people to your webinar. A webinar actually acts as a filter. It does two things really well. First of all, it attracts people in but it also filters out the people who are not ready or serious. That way when they book the consultation, you know that you’re booking consultations with people who are truly serious about obtaining the help you offer.

That’s why you’re going to get people who are willing to pay your value. Many coaches under charge. You could probably double what you are currently charging if you were to just implement everything that you see in this article. This is the key to really creating that consistency and that unstoppable flow in your life coaching business.

If this sounds good to you, you might be thinking:

  • “What is my niche market? I don’t know what that is.”
  • “A free consultation? How do I set that up?”
  • “How do I structure my irresistible coaching offer?
  • Where do I start when setting up a webinar?
  • What are these traffic sources?”

That’s more information than we can handle in one article. What I’d like to do is to invite you to take the next step with me. Come and spend some live, and interactive time with me. You’re reading an article right now so I’m unable to talk to you. But if you jump on my next workshop, we’re going to be able to do just that. We’re going to be able to have a one on one or a one to many conversations.

This free workshop is titled “Design Your Own Unstoppable Coaching Lead Funnel,” and I just need 3 hours of your time. This is not prerecorded, this is a live session with me. You’re going to be able to talk to me, you’re going to be able to ask me questions. You can even get some suggestions from some of the other participants. We are all on webcams, we can all speak to one another, and it’s very, very powerful.


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