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Do You Fear Public Speaking?

speakingDo you have a public speaking opportunity coming up?

Maybe you have to give a presentation at work or possibly even master of ceremonies at your sister’s wedding.

Do you have a message that you wish that you could share with others?

There can be many different types of opportunities for public speaking . For a lot of people, this can be the worst fear you could possibly imagine.

The world is waiting for you to stand up and share yourself with it!

More people than ever before are learning to let go of their fears and other limitations to become great public speakers, authors, and also coaches.

Public speaking engagements have been coming at me from many different sources lately.  I now have 4 events coming up between now and the end of June.

Although I am not trying to brag, but rather I want to share grateful I am to have overcome my fear of public speaking just over 9 years ago.

I can remember a time in the late 1990’s where I had to give a presentation for a business that I was in at the time.

The very thought of standing in front of people to talk was enough to make me break out into cold sweats.

During the presentation, I felt like my tongue had swelled up to 3 times it’s normal size (although it hadn’t) and my mouth was so dry that I was drinking water non-stop.

Since I began this journey towards being limitless, I have enjoyed quite an exciting and lucrative speaking career.

I’ve had the good fortune to travel all over the world. Public speaking engagements that included all expenses paid trips. I never imagined I would ever be doing this with my life. It has been an opportunity that I would not give up for anything.

Here’s the question of the day:

If you were no longer afraid of speaking in public, what message would you share with the world?

Here’s your chance to start NOW … please post your “message” into the comments below …

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