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This week I have been working on my presentation for the YVR Bloggers Meetup on May 15, I have been invited to be the keynote speaker on the subject of “How to monetize your blog using other people’s products”.

As I go through the seemingly never-ending process of writing & re-writing & editing my presentation, it has brought to mind a flood of memories on everything I’ve ever learned about what it takes to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

I have always been a big fan of self-help books. As I transitioned from a rather pessimistic teenager into an optimistic young adult (nearly 25 years ago) I began reading every thing that I could about how to become successful.

While working in door-to-door sales, selling everything from socks and toys to flashlights and first-aid kits, a good friend of mine (who later became the best-man at my wedding) handed me a copy of “Think & Grow Rich” by Dr. Napoleon Hill.

I learned a lot of great things by reading Dr. Hill’s book but if I had to summarize these lessons, I would simplify them down to these 3 things…

The Top 3 things I Learned From Napoleon Hill

In his book, Napoleon Hill explains the keys to success…

1. Definiteness of Purpose. Know exactly where you want and what you want to be as well as exacted exactly why you want it. This goes way beyond simply setting some goals. As it also includes determining what the compelling reason behind each goal is, that it literally gets you out of bed every morning.

2. Be Specific With the Amount and Timeframe. It is not enough to merely say that you want more money, or a bigger house or a new car. You must be able to describe it in such exact detail that you can literally see it becoming real And then specify what exact date you want to reach this result and begin immediately to work on manifesting it into your life.

3. Develop a “Burning Desire” for its achievement. Dr. Hill describes the burning desire as being the “master key” to success. Without it, your goals soon become forgettable. With burning desire comes a relentless pursuit of the life you want to live as well as the people and things you want in it.

What is it that you desire most?

Get specific about your goals today and get to work on them immediately.

You CAN do it!

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