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Free Coffee At Starbucks

This morning I lined up for coffee at Starbuck’s just like I do every morning after dropping my kids off at school.

When I got to the cash register and was about to pay, a young man in his early teens approached and asked me if he could buy my coffee today.

With a smile on my face I said ”Thank You”, and asked him what inspired him to do this.

He explained that he and his classmates were there to experience what it feels like to perform random acts of kindness.

I am so proud of the world today to see such a caring group of young people out sharing love and kindness on such a rainy Vancouver morning.

With this 1 simple act of kindness, both of our lives were affected in a positive way.

It instantly reminded me of how good I felt in the past after performing a random act of kindness.

The feeling of happiness and the smile on my face will last the entire day and no doubt will have a positive effect on the people that I come into contact with today.

How awesome would you feel if you were to surprise someone randomly with an act if kindness today?

Please share your stories in the comments below of a time where you performed or received a random act of kindness.  How did it feel?


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