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Get Clients Now – Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes That Coaches & Consultants Make

What keeps coaches struggling to get clients now? Find out what the 3 Costly Mistakes That Coaches & Consultants Make. This is what I call “ 3 costly mistakes that even smart coaches make that keep them struggling to get new clients” These are real scenarios from either my own business or from some of my clients businesses.

Mistake #1 – Relying Too Much on Networking & Referrals To Get Clients Now

Get Clients Now

This is where I believe the coaching industry does Coaches, Consultants and Holistic Practitioners a huge disservice, what they are saying is, “Okay great, you’ve got your coaching certification, now what you need to do is get a business card and you need to go out there and  meet people.” You go to these networking events and you meet people and you try to get the client or at least try  to get them to sign up for a free coaching session.

But there is a problem  the problem is that those people who are attending the networking events are also there because they need new clients. So what happens? – You get a room full of people; coaches, consultants, sales reps, insurance agents, real estate agents and all sorts of industries altogether in these networking events exchanging business cards all in the hopes that they are going to sell you their services and in your mind you’re going, “Whoa, I’m going to sell you my services.” When you are exchanging a business card with somebody, all you are doing is hoping that the other person is going to sign up for your program while they are secretly thinking the same thing about you. Most likely, they are not going to become your clients and you’re not going to become their client so it renders the whole networking thing pointless.

If you had to drive for half an hour and pay for parking,  pay for admission and then a lot of these networking events you’ve got to pay $10 or $20+ at the door to attend as well. If you’re doing that multiple times a week, that can add up very, very quickly and you’re still not getting anywhere. Even if a few do sign up for your free coaching session, they are only doing it because they feel like if they listen to you for long enough then you are going to reciprocate and listen to them and somebody is going to sell somebody on something. Sadly, you are not going to sign up for their services, they are not going to sign up for yours; the whole thing is completely pointless.

Coaching programs also teach coaches to get referrals from their existing clients but there is a problem with that as well. You are not going to get any referrals from clients if you don’t have any clients to start with! Even if they did get you referrals, a lot of coaches are not following up correctly and not using that relationship to really engage. There is a third problem with that and that is as a referral they may not be a qualified member of your targeted audience or They may not be the ideal candidate for your coaching services!

Referrals are nice to get and they give you some more people to talk to but they are really not getting you in conversation with the people who most desire the results and the services that you offer and that is why mistake number one is relying too much on networking events and getting referrals from clients. 

Mistake #2 – Ineffective Marketing or No Marketing At All

Get Clients Now

If you’re not doing any marketing at all, the best way to think of it is this: It’s like if you go into a room and turned the lights off and then flex your muscles, you know what you’re doing but nobody else does because it is dark and therefore nobody can see you.

If you are not putting yourself out there and letting people know what it is that you do and how you can help them, then you are doing yourself a big disservice. You are expecting clients to come from somewhere, maybe the law of attraction and that’s fine, but you still need to take the action by putting yourself out there in order for a client to come in.

You need to put yourself out there and you need to let people know what you are offering and how you can help. Specifically, you need to tell them what end results you are so passionate about helping them achieve and then get to work on having those conversations and working with them.

You have to follow good marketing practices and have a plan. You need to have an email engagement sequence which is content that’s emailed out to a mailing list. First, building a mailing list and then emailing content to your list every three days. The sole purpose is to engage, educate and drive them towards scheduling a free coaching session. You can get on the phone and talk with qualified individuals, people who are interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer. You must have a good marketing system in place otherwise you’re  going to always be struggling to find new clients and that is why Mistake number 2 of the 3 Costly Mistakes That Coaches & Consultants Make is ineffective marketing or having no marketing in place at all!

Mistake # 3 – Trying To “Hard Sell” Your Coaching Prospects

 Get Clients Now

Mistake number three goes back to my last blog post where I was talking about trying too hard to sell coaching services to clients. The single most incredible breakthrough in my business was when I decided to stop selling my coaching services and to start listening and enrolling them, helping them make the decision for themselves simply by being a great coach – by helping them to achieve something that they were lacking the motivation to do on their own. Then having them acknowledge that we were able to make those small little shifts very, very quickly and what it would look like if we worked together for the next 3 to 6 months. Think about how much further you could be if you make those breakthroughs on a consistent basis?

Get Clients NowWe don’t have to sell. Simply by listening you can discover what it is that they need, what it is that they want. What is the number one problem that they really want to change in their life? What is that number one end result that they really want to achieve? Maybe the answer has been eluding them for years but you hold the key to them finally achieving it.

When you have a coaching program where you have an end result that you can help people to achieve, you can use the system that I showed in my last post to literally help clients make that decision for themselves and sign themselves up for your program.

You want to drop selling entirely and focus on delivering great value in your coaching services. Giving them a great sample session where they get to experience what it is like to work with you and to even experience some of the instant results, wins, and breakthroughs that you can help them to achieve along the way will speak for themselves.

When you can get to that place in your coaching service, you’ll have a thriving business. If you haven’t done a lot of coaching already, you can learn how to do this, you just need to start. It starts with the passion for helping people achieve a certain result. When you have that passion you can absolutely help someone achieve their goals. When you are not selling but instead are serving and when you serve people in a way that aligns with what they most desire in life, you are a perfect match. They will literally sign themselves up. That is why Mistake number three of the 3 Costly Mistakes That Coaches & Consultants Make is trying to “Hard Sell” your prospects, it just turns them away from wanting to work with you!

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