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Goals versus Habits

I’ve been having a lot of discussions about goal setting lately.

Last night while giving a presentation for You Seminars about the next Cornerstone Class, some thoughts came to me that really seemed to make sense.

You see, there is a huge difference between achieving a goal by any means possible as compared to achieving it by creating supportive habits.

Too many times I`ve seen numerous people achieve great things in a very short period of time using any means possible only to undo that goal almost as quickly as they achieved it.

Imagine if your goal was to lose 20 lbs and you achieved it by eating nothing but cabbage soup for several weeks. What do you think would happen when you stop eating cabbage soup? Almost certainly the weight comes back nearly as quickly as it came off.

Would developing the habit of exercising for 20 minutes, 3 times per week, work better than a fad diet?

Instead of any means possible, think of the single habit that would best support the result that you want and focus on implementing that into your daily or weekly routine.

The results will then become automatic.

Have yourself a limitless day!




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