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How To Sign Up 4x More Clients With This Simple Test

Three years ago I conducted a weird sign-up test, how to sign up clients in my coaching business and the results really shocked me. The results were not what I was expecting whatsoever and that’s the reason I call it how to sign up clients, a “weird sign-up test”.

So what was so weird about my sign up test? For the longest time I was doing what coaches do, I was signing clients up in the traditional way, the way that people are taught when they go through coaching certification programs or techniques they learned in sales training. Those courses usually recommend the practice of signing up a new client by offering a free coaching session.

I conducted a “weird” sign up test and here are the results……

how to sign up clientsMETHOD A

In method A of this test, I offered 25 free coaching sessions. At the end of those sessions, once we had a great conversation and it felt like everything was clicking, the natural next question that the person on the call would have is; “How much does it cost to continue to work with you?” I would then start a 5 or 10 minute presentation of how my coaching services work, how the pricing worked and would they like to sign up for the program.

This is how to sign up clients!

I called this the ‘sales pitch’. It was a sales presentation and at the end of the session to let people know how they could continue to work with me for a fee. This method, for these 25 sessions, produced a total of $8400 in coaching fees.

This started three years ago, I had an idea after having many conversations with peers and associates and other coaches and consultants. The common message that I heard from coaches is that they don’t like to sell. They needed to learn how to sign up clients with out selling. They don’t want to come across as too salesy or too pushy or selling their services too hard. On the flip side of that, if they don’t sell enough, then they have trouble eating.

So many coaches, very smart and passionate coaches I know are still working a full-time job and they are only doing coaching part-time because they just simply can’t get enough clients to live full-time. Where this method that I’m going to show you, Method B is so powerful that not only did it increase our income but we are now in a situation where I had to create a waiting list for services. We’ve also been able to charge increasingly higher fees for the coaching so the same coaching program, higher fees and more revenue. Here’s how it worked.


I booked 25 more sessions. As soon as I came up with this new method, I tested it out and I wanted to have a good comparison so I looked at the first 25 sessions that I did with this new style of coaching. The free coaching session and at the end of that session, there was no sales presentation at all, none whatsoever. In fact all I did was invite the person I was talking to. If we had a great conversation, it sounded like we should talk again, I said, “Look, I’ve got some great information about how to sign up clients and I’m going to customize a game plan for you and let’s talk again in a few days or a week from now and we will get back on the call and I will take you through it.” So there was no sales pitch whatsoever, that’s all I said.

“I would like to have another conversation with you.” – Very simple right?

Anyone can do this, anyone can say, “Look, I would like to have a second call with you.” This is easy – to simply invite the person on the other end of the line to attend a second session with you, also free. I tried this out, I really didn’t know how well it would work, I kind of pieced it together from about a half a dozen other coaches that were describing sales processes but still struggling sales. Nobody likes to sell and I was even working with a coaching team at that time where you even mentioned the word sales or selling and they would run so far in the other direction.

They were so passionate about coaching they would’ve spent all day long coaching but sadly because they had this mind block about selling, their programs remained empty. And so I really wanted to have a solution for that so I try to sell.

So at the end of the sessions, there was no sales pitch at all. The net result of that was $31,960 in coaching fees generated from 25 coaching sessions, that’s four times the amount that method A produces.

So let me ask you, if you are a coach, consultant, holistic practitioner or anyone who does either one on one session work or group coaching work, which method would you rather use? – Method A or Method B? So I think it is fairly obvious that method B out performs method A.

Not only does it outperform but it’s going to be an easier method for you and other coaches and consultants and holistic practitioners that also have this preconceived notion.

“I am a passionate heart centered coach and holistic practitioner. I’m not a salesperson.”how to sign up clients

There’s this belief that selling is a negative thing. So when you look at this, four times the amount of coaching revenue for 25 sessions PLUS no selling during the first session at all. In fact , you don’t even have to sell during the second session.

When I think back over the last three years of my coaching practice, I have not had to deliver a single sales presentation. I’ve completely eliminated that from my business, it has simplified my business and my coaching revenue has gone up, my effectiveness has gone up and I have been able to help not only my own business but other businesses as well.

Which of these 2 methods would you rather be using in your business?

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