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How Can I See That Everything Really Is Possible?

The concept of “Everything Is Possible” is one that took me a long time to grasp and really work into my life.

The main idea is that by removing roadblocks and limitations that even things that “seem impossible” can become possible.

Something that I teach in my online course, “8 Keys To Unlocking Your Limitless Life“, is having the positive approach to life’s challenges. With an attitude where you can automatically assume that things are possible, instead of instantly dismissing them as being impossible.

When you have this attitude, it actually makes the roadblocks or limitations easier to solve. This simple shift in view assumes there is no problem that cannot be solved.


So, let’s relate this back to your goals …

  • Your goal might be to buy a new house but you can’t because you don’t have enough money.
  • Dreaming of a new job or a whole new career but you can’t because you can’t afford to lose the job you have now.
  • Wishing to start a new business but you can’t because you are no good at sales.
  • Hoping to save your marriage or repair a relationship but you can’t because there is too much pain and it’s beyond repair.
  • You want to take a vacation and spend more time with the kids but you can’t because you’re just too busy at work to take any time off.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You may not have said these things to yourself personally, but I would bet that you know someone who has.

The thing that all of these statements have in common is that they have a “predetermined” end result or outcome.  Each one assumes that the goal is impossible because of a particular roadblock or limitation.

But, what if there were a solution to each one of these limitations? A way to break through each one of these roadblocks to make each one of these things possible.

If you believe that there is a solution or multiple solutions to any problem, you can ask yourself “How can I …” instead of assuming that “you can’t because …”.


With this new attitude let’s go back and revisit each of the goals we mentioned earlier:

  • I can’t buy a new house because I don’t have enough money, becomes “How can I get the money to buy a new house?”
  • Instead of saying I can’t get a new job because I can’t afford to lose my current job, ask yourself “How can I get a new job without losing the old one too early?”
  • Starting a new business is out because I am no good at sales, ask yourself “How can I get good at sales so I can get that business started?”
  • Instead of saying I can’t save my marriage because there is too much pain, ask yourself “How can I save my marriage so that we are happy again?”
  • And instead of saying I can’t take a vacation and spend more time with the kids, ask yourself “How can I take some time off work so that I can spend more time with the kids?”

In each, of these cases, we simply replace the phrase “I can’t because …” with “How can I …”

And when you start asking yourself “How can I …” instead of saying “I can’t because …” a sort of magic starts to happen and the answer to “How can I …” begins to instantly appear all around you until you finally notice that it is there.

Sometimes it comes as a thought or a feeling that you have. Other times it can come as something someone else says to you.

It could also be something that you overhear someone else say in the elevator or the office. You may even see it in a TV commercial. Or receive it through a phone call that comes out of the blue. It can literally appear to you anywhere and from any source.

Personally, what works best for me when I need answers is journaling.  I begin by writing the statement “How can I ..” and then continue by writing down every thought that enters my head. I just keep writing until I’ve got it.

When you are open and receptive to the answer, you will know it when you see it.

Question of the day:

Can you recall a time where an answer to a problem came to you in an unlikely or strange way?

Please post your story in the comments below.

Have yourself a limitless day!

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