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Law of Attraction Without Action Is A Distraction!

If you spend any time at all engaged in personal development or self-help, the you will have heard of the “law of attraction”.

The basic premise of law of attraction is that whatever you think most about will be “attracted” to you or become real in your life.

If you think about bad things happening, then more bad things will happen and if you think about positive things then you will attract more positive things to you, INSTANTLY!

While this concept is completely true (this is testable if you don’t believe me), there is 1 key ingredient to this success formula that gets overlooked my most people that study law of attraction.

That ingredient is … ACTION!

You can attract things to you all day long, but if you take no action to receive it, nothing changes.

That’s why practicing law of attraction without action is just a distraction.

Next time you desire something to come true in your life, absolutely begin to visualize and attract it to you, BUT then follow it up with actions that help to make it become real.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the results will come.

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