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57 Coaching Niches For Highly-Paid Life Coaches & Business Coaches

Here is my list of some of the most common types of coaching that you can use to design & launch your very own high-ticket coaching program.

Start by selecting your top 3 niche ideas. Followed up by my 7 steps to creating a high-ticket coaching program

life coaching niches list

Life Coaching Niches

  1. Accountability Coaching (hold the client accountable to do what they say they’ll do – help them “walk the talk”)
  2. ADD/ADHD Coaching (how to live a functional life with ADD or ADHD)
  3. (Graceful) Aging Coaching/Mentoring
  4. Book Publishing Coaching/Mentoring
  5. Book-Marketing Coaching/Mentoring
  6. Business (Success) Coaching/Mentoring
  7. Business Marketing Coaching/Mentoring
  8. Business Start-up Coaching/Mentoring
  9. Career (Development) Coaching
  10. Career Transition Coaching
  11. (Effective) Communication Coaching
  12. Confidence Coaching
  13. Conflict Management/Prevention Coaching
  14. Conflict Resolution Coaching (could work with individual client, workmates, siblings, couples, etc. or groups)
  15. Debt Management Coaching/Mentoring
  16. Discipline & Focus Coaching
  17. Executive Coaching (on productivity, organization skills, conflict management, life balance, communication, etc.)
  18. Fitness Coaching/Mentoring
  19. Gay/Lesbian Coaching
  20. Healthy Living Coaching/Mentoring
  21. Hobby Coaching/Mentoring (help find a hobby, teach them the “how-to” of that hobby, keep them on track to “succeeding” and enjoying that hobby – e.g. fishing, hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, etc.)
  22. Grief Coaching
  23. Leadership Development Coaching/Mentoring
  24. Life-After-Divorce Coaching/Mentoring
  25. Life Coaching
  26. Life-Balance Coaching
  27. Life-Purpose Coaching
  28. (Effective) Management Coaching/Mentoring
  29. Marketing Coaching/Mentoring
  30. Networking Coaching
  31. Nutrition Coaching/Mentoring
  32. Parenting Coaching
  33. (Peak) Performance Coaching
  34. Personal Development Coaching
  35. Product Development Coaching/Mentoring (book publishing, audio programs, e-courses, video courses, study guides, etc.)
  36. Productivity Coaching/Mentoring (organization skills & time management)
  37. Professional/Paid Speaker Coaching/Mentoring
  38. Public Speaking Coaching/Mentoring
  39. Purpose/Finding Your Purpose Coaching
  40. Relationship (Development) Coaching (couples, family connections, work relationship, etc.)
  41. Results Coaching
  42. (Active) Retirement Coaching/Mentoring
  43. Sales Coaching/Mentoring
  44. School-Success / Going-Back-to-School Coaching
  45. Self-Realization Coaching (living authentically, go for your dreams, etc.)
  46. Self-Esteem Coaching
  47. Self-Expression Coaching
  48. Singles Coaching
  49. Spiritual Coaching
  50. Strategic Planning Coaching/Mentoring
  51. Stress Management/Prevention Coaching
  52. Video Creation Coaching//Mentoring
  53. (Marketing with) Video Coaching//Mentoring
  54. Web Tools Coaching (autoresponders, opt-in boxes, shopping cart, contact-management, WordPress or other blog or website creation, website optimization, video creation, using audio or video on the web, etc.)
  55. Transition Coaching
  56. Web Design – Creating a Client Attracting Site – Coaching/Mentoring
  57. Weight Loss Coaching/Mentoring

High-Ticket Coaching

Life coaching niches can take some time to figure out. Try to avoid doing it all. It is very important to your success as a personal coach that you take the time to get more specific in the areas you are offering help in. Dig deep inside, find what you are good at and put your focus there. Working from your strong points will help to place potential clients in a comfort zone. Where they feel they can trust you know what you are talking about when it comes to giving them advice and direction. Working within a specific niche will help you design & launch your very own high-ticket coaching program. One that will bring a continuous flow of new clients. One that will continually grow and give you the financial freedom that you are seeking.

What are your top 3 niches?

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Learn the simple 7-step No-Selling Method that I use to consistently sign up new clients.